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A Breath of Sage Testimonials

“I love Victoria’s Breathwork classes. I feel like she always says things that resonate with me so much. I’ve felt so clear and like a new person after every class. Highly recommend for anyone who’s looking to deepen the relationship with themselves and their breath!”


“Victoria is an absolutely amazing facilitator, she channels for each person and intuitively knows exactly what to say, you will hear everything that is holding you back and more, and then be able to release it through the breath, ‘hit the nail on the head’ is my slogan with her!!! She is gifted and on point with guiding through the session. Her in combination with this breath, expect amazing transformational results. This work, this breath, is absolutely amazing, I personally have experience in all kinds of breathwork including transformational breath……this is by far the most healing breath in existence, in my opinion. Superbly powerful. Recommended for anyone who wants some deep emotional, physical, and energetic healing, this breath will tap into the deepest parts of you and help one become their truest highest selves. Infinite love!!!!!”


“Victoria great job on leading that class, it was extremely relaxing & yet I felt energetic after. Thank you!”


“Everything I was hoping for today. Victoria led this breath work session with knowledge, care and compassion. The first of many for me! Thank you!”


Wow!!! I have to be honest I’ve tried many methods to relieve my stress and anxiety so I wasn’t sure how my first session would go with Victoria. I’ve never done breath work before and I’m so happy I did. Victoria has an already peaceful presence so it made the session welcoming and easy to be open minded with. The actual session had me in tears. Highly recommend to everyone. Victoria I’ll be back!

Amber S.

Victoria makes breathwork accessible. I love her approach and openness in our sessions. I can’t recommend her enough.

Mia N.

With Victoria’s calming voice and presence I was able to easily fall into the patterns of breath she was describing. There was a wonderful balance of music/sound while easily being able to focus on what she was saying. At no point did I feel embarrassed, ashamed or that I needed to hold back what I was feeling. I could feel and be vulnerable in an extremely safe setting and release those emotions that came up for me through the process. When we reached the end of our session Victoria left me on a very gentle and high note with no pressure to speak, she ended the call and I was able to lay and process. Afterwards I felt a huge sense of relief with my anxiety and tension that had been building up for a few weeks. Overall I would say that I highly recommend Victoria Antonelli’s breathwork sessions.

Katrina Y.

“The breathwork session with Victoria was a wonderful experience. I had a lot of tension and energy blockage around my throat area. Victoria’s guided breathwork meditation enabled me to completely release that block and feel grounded again!”

John A.

“Victoria brought a calming and loving presence to our breathwork session, making me feel safe to allow the breath techniques to unearth what my body needed to feel in that moment. I highly recommend her!”

Chelsea C.

“My Zoom breathwork session with Victoria was by far the best one I’ve had virtually. It helped me recenter myself and let go of emotional baggage during a time when I was experiencing some major life changes.”

Eimanne Z.

I’ve never done a breathwork session before in my life and I was pretty nervous going in. Victoria was extremely helpful and open for someone like myself who had little knowledge of what breathwork is. For me, the breathing pattern had me thinking differently like I had a new viewpoint on experiences I’d been through. It really shed some light and let me release some emotion that had been bottled up inside. I can’t wait to work with Victoria again!